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The Martin County Consensus Platform

We support compliance with the repeatedly stated desire of the great majority of Martin County residents to require controlled, responsible, non-sprawl growth, while retaining the character and quality of life in Martin County for all of its citizens.


  1. Support our Comprehensive Plan Policies, which protect existing community character, residential neighborhoods, taxpayers, and our environment. Revisit recent Comp Plan changes that have undermined these protections.

  2. Protect the environment ~ continuing to protect uplands and wetlands, and continue to implement their connectivity. Support CERP, IRL plan, WRDA, SOR and Florida Forever programs.

  3. Support a realistic analysis of water demands, and the impact on utility costs, current residents, and on the environment.

  4. Support controlled and compatible development that pays for itself and does not further burden the taxpayers. All direct and indirect costs to taxpayers caused by development, including new school stations, shall be clearly defined. Current density should be maintained unless proof of compelling need is widely recognized.

  5. Support infrastructure concurrency prior to development approval. All concurrency requirements, including level of service for schools, roads and utilities, shall be specified and not degraded.

  6. Maintain current 20-acre development rules and Urban Services Boundary, not allowing clustering or industrial/business parks in rural areas.

  7. Oppose spot zoning. Maintain appropriate building height restrictions at or below the countywide four-story limitation. All development shall be compatible with nearby homes and surrounding neighborhoods.

  8. Return Martin County Airport to its role as an independent community-friendly general aviation airport, with runways maintained at pre-1998 lengths.

  9. Support practical approaches to increasing the availability of affordable housing using "HUD Affordable Housing Homeownership criteria".

  10. Major changes to the Comp Plan shall require a Commission super majority and public referendum.

  11. Oppose wasteful and unnecessary government expenditure, including unnecessary consultant contracts.

  12. Support public participation committees within the Growth Management process that mediate development issues in neighborhoods to avoid conflict and court action. NAC board membership should include members from the surrounding community outside the CRA.

  13. Encourage County support and the purchase by all citizens of products and services from Martin County businesses, including small businesses.

  14. Support private Anti-SLAPP suit state legislation to protect free speech.

  15. Favor candidates who do not accept campaign contributions from out-of-county developer interests. Support the political candidates who best support our platform.