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The Ultimate Race Card


I watched the Republican convention and the speeches of "9/11" Guliani, "Reverend" Romney, Sarah Palin and McPain. Same old, same old, same old worn out Bush ideas. However, there were almost no plans presented all week, just raving reviews of the lives of their candidates and attacks on Obama (very cruel, personal and nasty attacks). Palin is just a nasty, dirty, naughty little girl (as a famous Senator from N. Dakota would say).

Now for the main theme. First of all, you have to realize that I grew up in the deep south, where racism was considered normal and almost a required trait of a white male during adolescence. Due to my parents, I never bought into the racism, but I was immersed in racism and learned all about it.

The Republican handlers of McPain (the Rovians) have played the Ultimate Race Card by picking Palin for VP.

Notice how they have changed their attacks, changed their talking points, and changed the comparisons of the presidential candidates. Now they are comparing Palin's political experience and life experiences with Obama as if Palin were the presidential candidate. Even the news media has just followed right along with the change in their strategy. Most of the Republican operatives, politicians and talking heads are going along with the change in strategy and have no idea the true reason for the change.

When you contrast or pit a white woman against a black man, it stirs strong racial feelings in anyone that grew up with racism. The worst racial attacks throughout history were incidents where a white woman was involved with a black man. It was a call for a lynching.

The reason I have come to this conclusion came to me after looking at how they made their pick and how quickly it was made. Palin is a person with whom McPain had only met one time.

It was a person chosen even though she had a lot of baggage; under investigation for ethics violations (firing or threatening to fire people without proper cause), a very sordid history of using her very, very conservative beliefs to shape governmental decisions (trying to ban books in the library), had used the ant-abortion card to get elected to a mayoral position, has a pregnant unmarried 17-year-old daughter while not believing in sex education in schools, no foreign relations experience, and many other problems.

In spite of all this, she was picked above other more qualified candidates. As we saw in the first few days after her pick, everyone was asking "what was McPain thinking?"

It was not McPain thinking, it was the Rovians running his campaign that were thinking. Thier candidate was losing. They had to do something. They understood the reason that Obama is only a few points ahead in spite of the fact that almost 70% of America wanted a Democrat in the White House and that 80% of America feels that the country is heading in the wrong direction. Why the difference? Why was Obama only a few points ahead?


It is racism.

I know why and everyone is talking about it in secret, but not talking about it on the news. They understand the deep racism in America and wanted to use it. In order to make the racism effect work even better, they knew that if they found a white woman that would attack Obama in a very visible, hard, nasty way, then change the debate to Palin vs Obama, the plan could work. The media and the Obama campaign could not say a word about their Ultimate Race Card strategy. They would just turn it around as a sexist and racial attack on the Republican party.

Therefore, I believe that the McPain campaign has played The Ultimate Race Card and are going to get away with it!!!

Also, look back at the Democratic primary. Remember how many, many Republican operatives (Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) were saying good things about and promoting the candidacy of Hillary? It was all about racism, they were trying to stop Obama early on, but it didn't work because there were enough Democrats that were not racist (just look at Iowa).

That is my belief and I'm sticking to it,
Bob Bass

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