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Martin County GOP to Block Democrats from Voting in Local Races

Martin County Democrats

The Republicans are at it again!
They don’t want to allow you to Vote!
They don’t want you to be able to Vote!

The Martin County Republicans are trying to suppress votes in the upcoming primary election in August.

Help us fight back:

An elite group of Martin County Republican insiders intend to run “Write In” candidates in various races to “block” Democrats and independents from voting.

Read the Stuart News article here:

Click to go to original
Original Stuart News Article

Palm Beach Post Article

Stuart News Editorial

A loophole in election laws allows an individual to register as a “write in” candidate at no cost and without having to go through the vetting process of collecting petitions.

These hypocritical Republicans even intend to switch party to accomplish this while complaining about Democrats supposedly switching their party.

The write in candidate’s name does not even appear on the ballot, but IT DOES BLOCK DEMOCRATS and INDEPENDENTS from VOTING!

This is what the Republicans intend to do.

They even admit they have no intention of campaigning.

Republicans are trying to do what they do best:
Suppress Voters and Subvert Elections.
We have seen this before. Help us fight back:

This is typical Dirty Tricks unethical Republicans have been using for years to deny American citizens their right to vote.

This scam will deny half the voting public in Martin County a voice in selecting our leaders.

This is the kind of tactic the Republicans like Katherine Harris used in 2000 to deny tens of thousands of Floridians' their voting rights with their “Felons' List”.

With your help, we can expose this flagrant attempt at denying your civil rights.
Help us fight back:

Rather send a check?
Payable to: Martin County DEC
PO Box 159
Stuart, FL 34995