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Republican "Tea Baggers" Show Their True Colors: Sedition & Bigotry


Last Saturday, March 20th, 2010, Tea Party Patriots gathered in the Capitol and showered racist and homophobic abuse on Democratic Congress Members supporting healthcare reform. One Tea Party protester called the former civil rights leader and current Atlanta Congressman John Lewis a "ni**er." Another spat on Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, also an African-American. Another called Congressman Barney Frank a "fa**ot." Back in his Texas district, yet another Tea Bagger called Congressman Ciro Rodriguez a "wetb**k."

GOP Congress Members have refused to condemn these acts of hatred and bigotry. On Sunday, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes even went as far as to blame Democrats for the protesters' hateful invectives, and affirmed the protesters' "right to say what they want."

The Republican Party has become so controlled by the right-wing extremist Tea Party movement that there's almost nothing that the Tea Party Patriots can do or say that Republican Senators and Congress Members will not defend.