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Rooney Just Doesn't Get It.

Martin County Democrats

A Response to our Republican Congressman Rooney's Response to State of the Union Address: "The President just doesn't get it."

It is certainly true that there are many programs that can and should be cut which is why the President is reviewing the Debt Commission's report.

A country with crumbling roads, bridges, and infrastructure simply cannot be expected to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

When the government spends $300 Billion dollars on tax expenditures for billionaires and companies that send jobs overseas, we need our leaders in Florida to say that money would be better spent on investments in roads, hospitals, and technology that will make America the world's premier super power for the next hundred years and more.

The President said that we must "win the future," and Floridians are up for the challenge because they know all too well that the problems we face are bigger than party and bigger than politics. Floridians need solutions and cooperation to deal with the challenges of unemployment and utility costs, the last thing we need is more Washington bickering.

Celeste Bush, Chair
Democratic Executive Committee of St. Lucie County

Rooney's Full Response