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Palm Beach Post Article

Top Martin Democrat Denounces
Cartoons Posted at Golf Course

Palm Beach Post Article
By Jason Schultz
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, February 23, 2006

STUART — The head of the Democratic Party of Martin County isn't laughing at the cartoons he says he found on the wall of the clubhouse at the Martin Golf and Country Club last week.

Dave Dew, chair of the party's executive committee, said he went into the clubhouse at the public golf course on St. Lucie Boulevard in Stuart last week after getting complaints from party members.

Dew said he saw several newspaper cartoons taped to the wall near the bar at the clubhouse that were anti-Democratic and anti-Muslim. He did not say specifically what he found offensive in the cartoons.

"If you were religious or a Muslim or a Democrat, you couldn't help but be offended," Dew said. "This is not a Republican golf course. This is a public golf course."

Martin County owns the golf course, so Dew wrote a letter to Martin County officials this week asking that the county make the golf course remove them.

Don Cole, real property manager for the county, said he had not seen the letter as of Wednesday evening but would probably look into it when he did.

Craig Seaman, business manager for the Martin Golf and County Club, said he had not seen the complaint but would check on it. Seaman said a company, Country Club Cafe Inc., leases and runs the clubhouse and restaurant.

John Clayton, manager of the clubhouse for Country Club Cafe Inc., said the cartoons were just editorial newspaper cartoons and he did not plan to take them down.

February 24, 2006 Stuart News Article