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Contract With America?     Or a Contract On America?

Martin County Democrats

Contract With America

In 1994 Republicans took control of Congress. They committed to a 10 point Contract with America.

Republicans said we intend "To restore accountability to Congress and end its cycle of scandal and disgrace, we'll make us all proud again of the way free people govern themselves".

The contract used words or phrases like, "fiscal responsibility", "take back our streets", "personal responsibility", "family reinforcement", "American dream", "national security", "senior citizens fairness", "job creation", and "wage enhancement".

A sufficient number of voting Americans were impressed and Republicans won control of Congress, which they still enjoy today.

Now 6 election cycles later, it's time to examine the results of one party rule and more specifically, the 10 points.

  1. Fiscal Responsibility - The largest federal deficits ever

  2. Take Back Our Streets - More undocumented workers roam our streets than ever before.

  3. Personal Responsibility - A President who won't admit mistakes.

  4. Family Reinforcement - President/Congress/Governor's involvement in family matters - Terry Schiavo.

  5. American Dream - $3 Gas - 3 Jobs - 3 weeks to eviction.

  6. National Security Restoration - Donald Rumsfield.

  7. Senior Citizens Fairness - Medicare doughnut hole.

  8. Wage Enhancement - No increase in minimum wage, but $35,000 in congressional pay raises.

  9. Legal Reform - More lawyers in Congress (40 + percent) than ever before.

  10. Citizen Legislature - Presidential signing statements.

We've all lived the "Contract with America" experience over the past few years.

Casting a vote this election cycle can now be based not on what they say they will do, but on what they've done.

One vote will of course mean "stay the course" while another will mean, "change the course".

One vote will mean "one party rule", another will mean "two party rule" and call for a better system of check and balances.

One party rule is not good for a Family, a Community, a County, a State, or a Country and certainly not good for the World we must all survive in.

Based on history, one can only conclude that what the Republicans said they would do for us, they ended up doing to us. What was presented in the 1993 election, as a contract with America, has now morphed into a contract on Americans.