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Have the Republicans Allowed the Terrorists to Win?

They’d done nothing to bend the will of the American people in supporting freedom and democracy and human rights. They won nothing as the U.S. and its allies steamrolled the terrorists and their protectors in Afghanistan. They looked weak and small as they dug into their rat holes in an attempt to run and hide.

But then the Republicans lied us into Iraq. And they’ve continued to lie and deceive. They’ve managed to turn much of the world against our nation. They’ve made the world less safe from terrorism. And all the while invoking 9-11. They’ve desecrated 9-ll by using it as a political tool to keep themselves in power.

But, despite all their lying and deception and spinning, despite all the human carnage they’ve brought about, despite their bungling of almost every aspect of the Iraq venture, the Bush administration had not conceded to the terrorists responsible for 9-11 a clear and outright victory for their hideous efforts.

However, the moment the Senate did their master’s bidding and voted to allow illegal imprisonment and torture, the terrorists who carried out the 9-11 plan at long last won:

Senate Passes Torture Bill

They, with the Bush administration’s help, had at that point succeeded in making Americans so afraid that they would support, in the name of so-called security and an unending desire for revenge, the destruction of the most sacred rights of a free society. The Republicans have joined the terrorists in their belief that a free society cannot work and that to establish order, security, and, above all, “righteousness,” only the few, whether they be dictators, Mullahs or neo-con Rebublican Christians, should be entrusted to run the show.

Again and again writers have pointed out that those who would joyously behead people on video, those who would comandeer planes to fly into buildings are barbaric enemies who do not deserve civilized treatment by civilized societies. It’s true. They are barbaric and misquided and hate driven. We’ve always had such people living among us. And, in the past, we’ve hunted these animals, prosecuted them and punished them within the framework of the law.

If the American people truly believe that the only way to ensure the highest levels of security against terrorists is to pattern our society on the models of authoritarian and/or theocratic regimes in the Middle East and authoritarian and/or fascist regimes of the past, the terrorists of 9-11 have destroyed much more than peoples’ lives and buildings.

Bush and his Republican supporters are attempting to make themselves look strong in the face of a barbaric adversary. But they are not strong. They’re weak and misquided. They’ve made our country less safe, not more safe. And they will continue to do so unabated if Americans fail to alter the balance of power this November.