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Palm Beach Post Endorses Bill Ramos

Bill Ramos

Vote For Ramos Over Harrell

Palm Beach Post Editorial
Monday, October 16, 2006

Few candidates are outstanding enough to consider ousting a long-term and well-known candidate such as Republican Gayle Harrell in the race for the Florida House of Representatives seat 81, which covers the most populated sections of Martin and St. Lucie counties.

Jensen Beach Democrat Bill Ramos is the man. Intelligent and articulate, Mr. Ramos has done his homework and is up to speed on issues facing Floridians and Treasure Coast residents.

Rep. Harrell too obediently votes the party line. She realized pollution is a major issue only when residents yelled at her during a rally to save the rivers. She has so little clout in Tallahassee that she can't protect her well-intentioned legislation from harmful amendments.

Mr. Ramos, a mortgage broker who has lived in Florida for a decade and on the Treasure Coast for two years, sees the issues accurately: "We must stay focused on saving the river and ensure growth is managed for the community, not manipulated by special-interest groups. We must end the FCAT experiment ... Our school system has failed." He wants to amend the legislation Rep. Harrell voted for that allowed the "recent outrageous home insurance rate hikes and guarantee this never happens again." He worries that Medicaid cuts Rep. Harrell approved will hurt the elderly in nursing homes.

He is concerned about growth, and wants Martin and St. Lucie to retain their character. "We don't envision ourselves as a new and better Boca, or Broward Improved." At 47, the father of five and the grandfather of two grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was home-schooled, with the help of his mother, a teacher-mentor and a large public library. "Books," he said, "were my salvation." He is concerned about low teacher pay, about the use of the FCAT, which "forces teachers to train children rather than teach them to think and learn," and about low graduation rates lawmakers have inflated with questionable figures. "Fudge," Mr. Ramos said, "belongs in a candy shop."

Mr. Ramos is less well-known than his opponent, but he has the smarts and the fire to become an effective lawmaker. The Post recommends him for House District 81.


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