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FDP Response to Bizarre Republican Party Attack

Martin County Democrats

FDP Response to Bizarre Republican Party Attack TALLAHASSEE - October 17, 2006

Today Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman issued the following statement in response to a bizarre attack made by Republican Party of Florida Chair Carole Jean Jordan:

"Ordinarily, I would defer to Carole Jean Jordan as an expert on disenfranchising voters. After all, she leads the party that cut thousands of legally registered African Americans from the voter rolls in 2000 and again in 2002 and planned to do so again in 2004."

"However, in her rush to utter yet another distortion she has tripped over the GOP Secretary of State's office own admission in the CD 16 race, "Electioneering includes any notice of advertisement that informs voters about a specific candidate but doesn't necessarily ask voters to cast their ballot for that candidate." [Associated Press, 10/14/06]"

"Electioneering is the issue. Disenfranchisement of voters is preventing voters from voting, not keeping polling places free of electioneering. The only explanation for Carole Jean Jordan's bizarre statement today is that she must be taking advice on election law from Katherine Harris."

"The situation we find ourselves in today, in CD 16, is the same as in CD 22 in 2004. There are only two differences:
1) then it was a Democrat who was replaced and
2) the state was silent."

"As for taking responsibility, I point to Tom DeLay, Mark Foley and Duke Cunningham - disgraced Republicans who left office not because other Republicans took action, but because they were forced out by overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing. Foley's Republican replacement on the ballot would be a rubber stamp for the same Speaker, Dennis Hastert, who turned a blind eye to corruption for material gain and of minors."

"And as for special interests, Carole Jean Jordan should be an expert on that as well. [Florida's GOP rakes in $27.9 million from special interests, twice that of Democrats, Sun-Sentinel 10/17/06] Her party is reaping the benefits of driving up insurances rates and making offshore oil drilling possible while reeking havoc on the daily lives of working families who need affordable housing, health care and an increase in the minimum wage."

"It's not the Democrats' fault that Republican ranks are full of corrupt individuals. Today, it's apparent to all who watch the news that Republicans believe they are above the law."

Below is the bizarre statement issued today by Republican Party of Florida Chair Carole Jean Jordan.

"Tim Mahoney can hardly declare a 'hands-off' position when it comes to the lawsuit in question, which was filed by the Florida Democrat Party on his behalf. Mahoney's political future is tied up in this lawsuit; to say he is not involved is disingenuous at best."

"While Mahoney may think it is more politically expedient to let the 'legal experts' fight it out, what he is really doing is showing an alarming lack of leadership. If Mahoney can't stand up and explain his position now, when his own party is trying to disenfranchise the voters in his district, how do we know he will he stand up and fight when Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton come knocking on his door and want his help pushing their ultraliberal agenda? How do we know Mahoney will stand up to the special interests in Washington? How do we know what will Tim Mahoney will do when he is faced with tough choices on our national security, on our children's education, or on healthcare for our seniors-will he say it's not his fight then, too?"