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Martin County Democrats

First Annual "Let's Clean House Rummage Sale"

Fellow Democrats of Martin County,

Not only did we clean "the House" in Washington, but let's clean our own houses as well.

The DEC has negotiated a new lease for Headquarters and included in it is permission to hold a huge, colossal fund raising Rummage sale in the parking lot once a year.

Saturday, December 9th is the day.

We are looking for resalable clothes, (winter clothes are good as visitors love the stuff you brought down here and are finally ready to get rid of,) old dishes, glassware, all the things your kids have given you and you hate, (25th anniversary presents you will never use but someone else will appreciate,) small pieces of furniture, (if you can get it in your car we will sell it,) shoes, ugly towels, etc. Someone who lives alone will buy two or three glasses, they don't have to be a matched set, a Dutch oven that is too big for you to pick up any more, the painting that was in your condo (that you hate but it's too good to throw away.)

Do you get the idea?

No items will be accepted with a reserve as we want to sell out in one day.....but tough salesladies will be trying to "jack up prices" for the maximum return for the day. We will start accepting donations immediately at headquarters. We will accept anything legal, no "pot" plants but potted plants such as gardenias sell and so do ferns, do you have one which has grown too big ???? Golf clubs sell well to people that don't know the difference. If you have a silk flower arrangement that used to be lovely, dip it in warm soapy water and swish it around and then let it air dry and no one will know its ten years old and we certainly won't tell !!! Old sheets make great tablecloths for families with a bunch of kids.....

Start thinking now and bring what you are thrilled to get rid of to headquarters ...call Dave Dew to arrange a time at 521-8968 to be sure someone is there or call Diane Pannier @ 220-1478 and she will arrange a time for your drop off.

Heloise used to say:
"If you haven't worn it for a year get rid of it"
(and the Democrats will love you for it).

Anyone who loves a challenge will enjoy working the sale...it will be one day only so call headquarters if you would like to help at the sale. Or to help price and organize the merchandise the day before, Dec 8. Email Diane Pannier at dianebmwbabe@adelphia.net. Or call her with questions at 220-1478. Please start saving Publix or Winn-Dixie bags as overhead will be kept to a minimum.

AND volunteers get first pick of the merchandise so if that's not a Deal; we don't know what is !!!!!!