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If you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent voter, and you are looking for a way to direct your energy to improve your neighborhood, county and state, then you should contact us and join our group.

Your involvement can be whatever you are comfortable with.

Attend our monthly Democratic Club meeting at the Blake Library on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM. There you can be among folks like yourself who want to be a part of the answer and not the problem. New speakers each month will give you greater knowledge of our political system and your part in it.

If you feel you want to go even farther and become an active part of the Party in your Precinct, we will gladly accept your time and energy and we'll put it to work now.

Democratic Executive Committee

   Meets the third Monday of the month at Democratic Headquarters, 948 SE Central Parkway, Stuart. Only registered Democrats are permitted to attend, and only Precinct Captains may vote on or discuss motions. It is the operating head of the Democratic Party in Martin County. It is currently made up of 32 elected/appointed precinct captains who will run for their position as captains once every 4 years. The captains are the heart of Martin's Democratic movement and they are the people who do the leg work and vote on our future political direction and day to day efforts. Terms of office expire in November 2008.

   To be a DEC member you must be elected every 4 years by the DEC membership or be appointed to fill a vacancy if it exists. Some members are appointed by the DEC to fill a vacancy. It is chartered under the Florida Democratic Party and the Chair reports directly to Florida Democratic Party Chair. Our current chair is on the Florida Chairs Committee and is responsible for activities in the South Central Region covering Palm Beach thru Brevard . He is also a director of the Florida Small County Coalition of which we are a member.

   There is no membership fee. It is considered an elected office and if there were competition for any seat, candidates for Precinct Captain could actually appear on a county ballot in that precinct. To be a precinct captain in your precinct you must apply at headquarters and be approved by the membership if a position is open in your precinct. There are usually two captains to a precinct, one of each sex so many precincts are husband and wife teams.

   Many precincts have a precinct "leader" which is a non-voting position but the responsibility is about the same as "captain" so if you want to get involved in your precinct to influence the outcome of the next election, call headquarters and discuss your ideas and we will welcome you.

   The Democratic Executive Committees' stated purpose is to serve the constituents of Martin County and to elect Democrats to office.

Martin County Democratic Club

   Meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Blake Library. This club is about 5 years old. It is a "committee of continuing existence" and reports to the State of Florida through the Supervisor of Elections. The club has a membership of over 80 men and women of all ages and the stated purpose is to reach out to promote the Democratic agenda to the general public and to elect Democrats to office.

   The Democratic Club is chartered under the Martin Count Democratic Executive Committee and is partisan in its direction but will allow all persons, regardless of political affiliation to meetings. It is a vehicle for public outreach and the best way to welcome new folks to the party. Membership is $15 annually. The Democratic Club operates under the jurisdiction of the Martin County Democratic Executive Committee. It is chartered through the Florida Democratic Party.

   The Democratic Singles Club is a subsidiary of the Democratic Club and meets on the first Wednesday after the Democratic Club meeting and on the third Thursday at a location as chosen. The purpose of this organization is to bring Democratic singles together who are motivated with a political purpose. No membership fee is required and there is no age limit. It has no official charter except that which is given thru the Democratic Club.

   The Martin County Democratic Club Singles Group will be meeting the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Thursday of every month.

Democratic Women's Club

   Meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Stuart Women’s Club, 729 East Ocean Boulevard, Stuart.
   This Club was inaugurated about one and a half years ago. It has a membership of over 100 very active women of all ages. This club is chartered under the National Democratic Women's Clubs which is an affiliate of the Democratic National Committee.
   The purpose of the Club is to promote and protect women's interests. It is partisan, but only to the stated purpose. The Martin County DEC has no jurisdiction over this club. Membership is open to both sexes $20 annually or $100 lifetime.

All of the above Clubs and Committees are made up solely by volunteers. The only paid, elected person in the Party is Karen Thurman, FDP Chair.