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A Message From The Chair

Martin County Democrats

What We Learned at the Fair -- What's Next!

The two most prominent concerns on the minds of those people who talked with us at the Martin County Fair in February were attainable housing, and what is being done by Martin County government to achieve it, and affordable health care for all incomes.

In preliminary talks with prominent Democrats of Martin at a roundtable discussion held a week ago, we discovered some truths. White, Black or Latino, we all endure those two problems the same. The difference is in our socio-economic status. The lower your income, the more you are affected by high health care costs and home prices.

On April 26th we will be holding another roundtable discussion to further our understanding of the problems as they concern Democrats. The seating is limited to 20 so if you wish to attend please call headquarters and we will confirm with you. Future discussions will take place in a larger venue and will be able to be attended by more people.

The point of all this is, of course, to create a political “roadmap” (to borrow a Republican phrase) wherein we can speak as one united, political, vote-bearing group to those county commissioners now in office with our own plan for Martin County.



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