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If You Ask Me

Martin County Democrats

By Dave Dew

I was cable scanning when I unfortunately stopped on the Fox-Bush Campaign channel. There was one of their phoney “military experts" on the screen stating for the right wing world to hear, “ if we elect a Democrat President we WILL lose this war for sure”. My blood pressure began to rise and I said to myself out loud, “we won that war about 4 years ago dummy!

This all brought me to think how we Democrats still buy into the Bush Administrations definitions when we accept the word “war” for current actions in Iraq. This is not now a war. It was a war. We won that war when the statue of Saddam fell in Baghdad in 2003. The war was over on that day. There is not a chance we can lose the “war” because we are not in a “war”. We are an occupying force in a hostile foreign county currently in it’s throes of a Civil War brought on by our incompetence in the occupation following the war. You can’t win an occupation, you can only walk away from it.

The Turks occupied Mesopotamia for 500 years until 1917 when they lost the First World War. Now they were competent occupiers of a foreign country. When trouble began in Iraq, they simply went village to village, chopped off a few heads and displayed those heads of their Iraqi enemies on a stick in the marketplace. That usually settled things for a few years or a decade or a century or two. Americans aren’t built that way. We are lousy occupiers.

The net of all this is this, let’s stop playing along with the definition that we get from their rhetoric. This is an OCCUPATION and NOT A WAR. We need to start calling it for what it is. This is an endless occupation designed to give us power over the oil fields of the middle-east in favor of the Bushies. It is no more and no less than that.

So we are not fighting a war. No, we are fighting a war. But it’s not in Iraq. It’s in Afghanistan. That’s a real war with a real enemy. Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It started when Bush Sr. abandoned the country in the 80s after the Russians were defeated by our coalition of the U.S. and the Saudi Sunni, Osama Bin laden and his followers.

Afghanistan is the worlds largest producer of heroin and in the 80s The Taliban, having defeated the Russians with our help, aligned with and finally took over the heroin trade in that torn country. They promised to rebuild Afghanistan but in fact only built a Fiefdom for themselves with the help of their Pakistani partners. There is a war going on now that we must win, but that is almost impossible because we have expended all of our armies fighting capacity by policing our occupation for oil in Iraq.