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Freedom's Watch

Dave Dew

Did you receive your auto dialed call from "Freedom's Watch" headquartered in Washington DC? I got mine. Freedoms Watch is the old group that was originally the Kerry "Swift Boat" sleaze bags. Now they have a new wrinkle. Your call will probably sound something like this:

"The Democrats are the only thing standing between us and billions of barrels of oil! Tim Mahoney sided with Nancy Pelosi and the Liberals to keep us from drilling for oil! Call Tim Mahoney now and tell him to stop standing between the American people and American oil "

Actually Tim leads the Congress in trying to get Big Oil to actually drill for oil, but guess what, BIG OIL DOESN'T WANT TO DRILL. If they were to drill and pump all the oil we want, guess what will happen. The price of oil will drop and they'll lose the profits they are now taking out of our American hides. That's why we invaded Iraq for Pete's sake. Saddam's regime threatened to flood the world with oil and thus reduce the price. Hence the Saudi's pressure to invade Iraq. Big oil won again.

By the way, I had that call traced by a friend of mine. The telephone line in Maryland from which the phone call came, is registered to Kevin Madden.

Remember Kevin? You'll seen him nightly on MSNBC. He's the Republican strategist who used his telephones to boost Romney's numbers thru an alleged fraudulent series of telephone calls during the Republican primaries. Nothing new here. Same old Republican Freedoms Watch sleaze.