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Stuart News Article

David and Lani

Gore movie fires up Jensen Beach couple to speak out

Stuart News Article
February 20, 2007

Lani and David Havens' dream of retirement involved sailing their boat, painting and relaxing.

But after watching a movie about climate change, the couple's penchant for activism came through.

"We found there's too much to do," David Havens said. "We're selling our boat. This is too important."

The Havenses, a Jensen Beach couple, bought seven copies of the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," written by former Vice President Al Gore. They then created packets to foster discussions and letter-writing campaigns in an effort to start a grass-roots effort to stop the trend of global warming.

This morning, they plan to address the Martin County Commission to get the elected officials on board with their plan, which involves encouraging politicians to support mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions and commit to developing alternative forms of energy.

But before they reach out to local commissioners, the Havenses had a viewing party for their friends, many of which agreed to host their own parties — all in an effort to spread the word that all peer-reviewed scientific studies agree that global warming is an impending crisis caused by human behavior that can be changed, they said.

"With the (Bush) administration pushing it doesn't exist, people are very confused," David Havens said.

Indeed, the couple recognized that Martin County residents, more than half of which are registered Republican, might resist such a hot political topic.

So they are hoping to show the movie and have discussions at area art galleries, scout troops, clubs and homeowner associations.

David Havens, an ordained minister, is also meeting with area churches, since the couple believes the environment is a moral issue.
"It's an ethical issue, and the churches should be a leader," he said. "It's how we take care of the Earth and whether humans can live on it."


Local couple hosting viewings throughout Martin County:

• At 7 p.m. March 22, at Mars Gallery, 11,670 S.E. Dixie Highway, Unit 7, Hobe Sound. Call (772) 545-7432 to learn more.

• Several churches planning events, although dates have yet to be set.

• Private viewing parties around town. Call Lani and David Havens at (772) 232-9592 with questions or to host.



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