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Democratic Women’s Club of Martin County March 2008 Newsletter

March 19th Fundraiser - Attendees at the Mark Russell presentation were delighted with his performance. It was great to hear so much laughter in light of the seriousness of the campaigns. Mr. Russell commented that he certainly had a lot of material to work with. As a fundraiser, our Treasurer, Kathleen Bishop, reports that 53 people attended from the recruitment by the DWC. At $15 profit, DWC made $795 plus one person donated the amount of a ticket for an additional $50. Many, many thanks to Marie Argana who singlehandedly managed the entire fundraiser!

April 12th Meeting - This month’s regular meeting will feature Dr. William A. Tyler, Chair, Biology Department of IRCC. His topic is “Coral Reefs in Brief and Environmental Issues Affecting Them”. This topic is of great concern to the Treasure Coast and is especially appropriate since Earth Day is this month. Thanks to Daisy Carter, 1st Vice President for arranging this program. Social hour is at 10:00 and the program begins at 10:30 at the Woman’s Club in Stuart. Please join us!

Personality Profile - As promised, each newsletter will feature someone from our club. This month’s choice is Regina Wood, 2nd Vice President of DWC. Read on to find out about this interesting woman.

Regina Wood is a life-long registered Democrat. Her first political volunteer work was for a little known (at that time) politician, Ed Rendell, during his campaign for District Attorney in Philadelphia in 1977. During that year she moved to Martin County and never left. She loves living in Martin County and has always been impressed with the dedication and concern people have for this community.

She is a licensed clinical Social Worker who currently does contracting work. She has been involved in numerous community organizations. She is married and has two stepchildren and five beautiful grandchildren.

When I asked Regina to write more than the first two paragraphs, she realized she had just given the professional/volunteer information and demographics. So she gave me more about who she is and what she likes. Read on!

Regina has a passion for wildlife and nature. She and her husband live on 10 acres in Palm City and have kept them natural and native for the most part. If we visited her, we would find a hardwood hammock which houses raccoons, a bobcat, gray fox and opposums! They have a purple martin house and each year 3-4 couples come to nest. Regina says they are such noisy, gregarious birds that it feels like company has come back to visit each year. She’s kept a wildlife log since 1992 and may someday write about how “old” Palm City used to be.

She is also a kriya yoga initiate. She enjoys writing poems and essays and has done some free-lance newspaper writing. She’s a certified scuba diver, once had a motorcycle (which she crashed) and once parachuted out of an airplane. She loves to travel, especially to the National Parks.

Well, I could expand on Regina’s interests and talents, but I’ll let your curiosity lead you directly to the source. I think we all will agree that Regina is a most interesting and delightful person. She has worked tirelessly for the DWC and always is a positive force in our club.

Thanks, Regina, for all you do!

Any Volunteers? The DWC needs a recording secretary. Doris had gratiously agreed to serve in that capacity at the beginning of the year but had to resign due to health problems. We certainly miss her wisdom and service. Carlyn Ramos, President, is the person to contact if you want to know more about the duties of the position.

We also need someone each month to help place the food and tableware for the Saturday meetings. This is an easy job and anyone can make a committment for just one Saturday. It entails coming ½ hour before the meeting (9:30). Can you help?

See You Saturday